Creative. Fiercely loyal. Mysterious.
— Kevin Forester , former colleague and life long friend
An acute listener with the gift of translating my desires into eye-catching reality.
— Melody Li, Co-Founder of Real Talk Coaching & badass entrepreneur
Hanlly is an eclectic blend sincerity mixed with unsureness, and that translates into an alluring enigma in which I will never be able to decipher, and even she has yet to figure out...
— Don Di Napoli, Co-Founder // CEO of [istandard]
A delightful contradiction of too-cool style and warm approachability.
— Jo Weinman, Internet wizard & cat lover
Talent in it’s purest state. Always with new ideas that will take projects beyond initial expectations.
— Valeria Vera, Digital Manager at Melty Fr
Beyond innovative and functional. Hanlly can take simple input and return creative yet practical designs within a short timeline. I will continue to use Hanlly for all my projects.
— Robert Balderas, CEO of RB Develop





Photography courtesy of Allison Narro